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Rocket Fuel was invented by the original Fearless Gardener in 1995. It was designed as a foliar feed that will speed up growth and development. Rocket Fuel not only increases foliage, but will increase root mass and fight nutrient deficiencies. Rocket Fuel has a natural supply of bio-stimulants, sea plant (Ascophyllum Nodosum), minerals, micro and macronutrients.

What’s in the Rocket Fuel Recipe?

Growth Plus is the main ingredient and the best kept secret in the industry. It is a very concentrated solution of natural liquid kelp product. This product is dynamite just on its own.

Nutri Boost 1 provides stressed plants with the enhanced natural ability to correct roots damaged by stress, as well as create new roots. Nutri Boost 1 is blended as a replenishment to replace lost growth generating properties that plants lose due to being under stress. A healthy plant produces these boosters naturally to maintain growth, but stressed plants suffer a severe loss of their ability to produce these growth generators. Nutri Boost 1 will help create a strong new rooting system so the plant can regain its vigour.

Fish Agra and Sea Mix. Fish Agra is a unique blend of hydrolyzed whole fish and plant protein extracts. It is then highly polished and screened through a #80 mesh to assure hassle-free spraying or drip applications. Fish Agra and Sea mix will feed your plants with a healthy supply of macronutrients, biostimulants and (N-P-K) rich in fresh whole Atlantic Ocean fish. Sea mix is a concentrated solution of sea plant (ascopllyum nodosum) and sea fish processed together for effective foliage feeding of plants.

Earth Food is a 2 part product, first being catalyst altered water, changing the structure of molecules in water. Your water will now form attractions with free electrons, helping better serve water’s role as a transportation, cleansing and absorption mechanism within your plants circulatory system. Second, it contains activated Carbon, Amino Acid, organic trace minerals and other desirable ingredients obtained from Lignite (the fossil remains of plants grown 50 million years ago).

Suck It Up a foliar spray enhancement that is compatible with all brand name nutrients and additives. Suck It Up passes directly through the spaces in the upper epidermis, delivering the product to its intended target. Suck It Up has a built in PH indicator that helps provide superior leaf penetration at all PH levels. Suck it up works great with Growth plus. Do not use pesticides with Suck it up as it will kill the plants. Can be sprayed with the lights on.

Rocket Fuel has been around since 1995. Rocket Fuel was invented by the original Fearless Gardener back in July 1995 designed as an additive to boost growth during the plants cycle.  The mix is then lightly misted, covering the whole plant every 2-3 weeks and no more than once a week during active growth. For best results, use Rocket Fuel when the babies / clones are just showing life and / or rooted, all the way through vegetative stage and then just after flowering stage right till you flush / leach (make sure to wait till plants have switched from veg to flowering). It is important to note that university studies show foliage feeding to be about 10 times more efficient then dry fertilizers. Nutrients are immediately made available to the plant. Rocket Fuel may be responsible for cell division, size and quality, providing stressed plants with the enhanced natural ability to correct roots damaged by stress, as well as create new roots.



Lightly mist Rocket Fuel covering the whole plant every 2 – 3 weeks and no more than once a week during active growth.

NOTES: To use the above as watering solution dilute 3 to 4 times. Only mix up enough to be used within 24 hours. 5 ml is equal to 1 teaspoon.

All of the above products are of the highest quality and at the same concentration as manufactured. Altering the above recipe is at your own risk.

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