Root Builder 4L


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Root Builder is a broad spectrum of beneficial micro-organisms which promote plant nutrient uptake, and reduces disease for soil and hydroponic systems.


  • Used as a microbial soil amendment
  • Aids in treating soil salinity problems
  • Makes any nutrients more bio-available
  • Strengthens the immune system of plants
  • Builds soil structure, aids in moisture retention and treats problems associated with soil salinity
  • Increases the root size and hence fruit size of your crops
  • Useful in the growth and bloom stage of plants
  • Excellent as starter or co-mix for compost teas.


  • Diluted product may be applied directly to the soil as a pre-plant or post-plant treatment.
  • Soil applications should be made on moistened soil and watered in when possible.
  • Product should not be used in re-circulating hydroponics systems due to the fact of exclusive growth in your reservoir.

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