Roor Tech Fixed Barrel Bubbler – 14″ – 50×5 – Jade & White

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Roor Tech Fixed Barrel Bubbler – 14″- 50×5 – Jade & White with White & Black Logo

This ROOR® Tech 14” stemless fixed bubbler was redesigned in 2017 to allow a new look for the ROOR® Tech line. Made from 50mm x 5mm German Duran Schott glass for this bubbler body and 26mm x 4mm mouthpiece and neck. Percolation is doubled up in this bubbler with a mini ROOR® Tech barrel percolator located at the upper chamber with the lower percolator similar to the original ROOR® Beaker body with slits on the bottom for maximum airflow and percolation. The entire 2017 Tech line have been fitted with built-in debris catcher, perfect for any smoker’s preference. The new fixed stemless 14” bubbler is complete with an 18.8mm joint and the 18.8mm male bowl with built in glass screen.

Weight 1265 g
Dimensions 57 × 15 × 15 cm


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