Bowls, Stems & Misc.

Keep your rig operating in perfect condition with our replacement parts. Whether you’ve accidentally dropped and broken a part or it’s just run-down due to use we have you covered.
Bong Parts & Accessories Include:
Banger Balls, Banger Inserts, Bowls, Cores, Detail Tools, Downstems, Mouthpieces, Peak Glass, Pull-outs, Reclaimers, Ring Joint Holders, Screens, Tips, Adapters, Travel Packs, Vaporizer Parts & More.
Updating or upgrading the parts of a bong can have several benefits, depending on the specific parts being replaced and the goals of the user. Here are some reasons why people might choose to update bong parts:
Improved Functionality: Upgrading certain parts of a bong, such as the bowl, downstem, or percolator, can enhance the overall functionality of the bong. This can lead to smoother hits, better filtration, and improved airflow, providing a more enjoyable smoking experience.
Enhanced Durability: Over time, bong parts can wear out or become damaged. Replacing worn or broken parts with higher-quality components can increase the bong’s lifespan and reduce the risk of it breaking during use.
Customization: Some users enjoy customizing their bongs to suit their personal preferences or aesthetics. Upgrading parts allows for customization options, such as choosing a different bowl, downstem, or percolator that better matches the user’s style or smoking preferences.

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